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Katy follows a soul calling to practice and offer bodywork within her communities. Moving across the country several times by the age of 11, she learned the language of movement before she understood how it would inform and lead her life. Once settled for more than a 3 year span, it was in the low country of South Carolina where she would first bloom as a post modern dance choreographer at the age of 15. Creative movement and performance offered pathways for deep healing through soul expression as well as a reconnection to an innate knowing of the body and it’s energetic network. Katy's studies of dance and yoga led her to NYC where she tried on an extroverted version of herself working for The Standard Hotels, but eventually her soul called her back to herself and back to the body to study massage therapy and bodywork. Katy is blessed and honored to express and work in the realms of body, energy, healing and safe space holding. Pathways of study and practice have included many forms of Dance, Yoga, Ayurveda, Ayurvedic Massage, Shiatsu, Chinese Five Element Theory, Tuina, Chinese Fire Cupping, Swedish Massage, Healing with the Mineral Kingdom, Reiki and Magical Awakening Energy Healing.


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