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Sarah's story unfolds as a rich tapestry woven with artistry, passion, and a profound connection to nature. Hailing from a family of artists in Germany, her path led her through art school and midwifery training. In 2015, she crossed the Atlantic to New Hampshire where she married her long love Ian, a timber framer and contractor.

In the scenic landscapes of New Hampshire, Sarah discovered her passion for design, leading her to complete a certificate program in Interior Design. During this time, she and her husband crafted their own home nestled in the woods, a testament to their shared dreams and creative vision.

In recent years, while forging her path to a soul-filled existence, Sarah delved into her own healing journey—confronting personal trauma and ancestral ties. Committed to our collective and personal healing paths, Sarah utilizes tools like Feng Shui and color psychology to infuse health elements into her intentional design business, with a focus on emotional well-being.

Her goal is to craft spaces that go beyond aesthetics, aiming for energy alignment and reflecting her clients' unique personalities and needs.


Inspired by the interplay between nature and design, Sarah's holistic approach cultivates atmospheres fostering well-being on multiple levels. Through intention and a deep understanding of the interconnectedness between spaces and emotions, she seeks to create healing sanctuaries that help her clients realize their full potential.

Beyond her design work, Sarah dedicates time to support the miracle of new beginnings as she accompanies a home birth midwife. When she is not working, she finds solace in nature, enjoys hikes and day trips with her husband and dog Hobbs, tends to her chickens, cultivates her garden, spends quality time with girlfriends and nurtures her homestead, which goes beyond just being a house—it's her sanctuary.

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