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Phone: 603-562-4644



I believe that we all have a taste and a sense of what we like and find visually appealing. Sometimes you might not be aware of it. To me as a Designer, I find my first purpose in helping you discover what YOU love. In the end, having a perfectly designed house does not mean a whole lot if you don’t FEEL at home. What makes you feel at HOME? Besides functionality, isn’t it the personal touch, being surrounded with what you LOVE, your necessities, all these small details, and your style?

Let me help you discover YOUR own style so you can enhance your home as your sanctuary!


CORE VALUES: honest communication - friendly and empathic interaction - intention - dedication - creative thinking - authenticity - efficiency - attention to detail.

No detail is too small to overlook!


Unlike other designers, for me it is crucial to be affordable for everyone and I work with any budget. I am open to small projects and like to work with what is already there (especially for a renovation or do-over) to start combining, blending and unifying objects and colors to create a beautiful, layered space that suits your style and is functional and energy aligned.


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