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I am an Advanced Practice Registered Nurse (APRN) and Certified Nurse Midwife (CNM). with specializations in Integrative, Mind-Body, and Functional Medicine, and in Medical Cannabis.


Monadnock Mind Body Medicine focuses on holistic care for Chronic Illness, Pain, Anxiety, and Insomnia.   


Together we weave thoughtfully chosen botanical, nutritional, mind/body, and lifestyle treatments to address root causes, relieve symptoms, and support a healing process for body and mind.  


My training includes: 

Women’s Functional and Integrative Medicine Professional program taught by Aviva Romm, MD.  

Advanced training from The Center for Mind Body Medicine with Dr. James Gordon.  

Continuing education with University of Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine. 

Botanical Medicine programs with Rosemary Gladstar and Aviva Romm, MD.   

I also offer consultations and certifications for the New Hampshire Therapeutic Cannabis Program.

Monadnock Medical Cannabis Care provides comprehensive, professional approaches to optimal use of cannabis as medicine.


You can find more information and schedule consultations here:

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