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Welcome to SHAKTI Healing Arts

SHAKTI Healing Arts is a Collective offering integrative approaches to whole healing and empowerment of body, mind and soul. We are seven women trained in a spectrum of modalities including professional massage therapy, transformational coaching, collaborative anti-racist education for young people, energy medicine, biofield tuning, intentional interior design, women's holistic health care, Arvigo massage, and cannabis medicine. 

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We offer beautiful hand-woven goods from a group of female artisans in northern India. 100% of proceeds goes towards their collective, Maati, supporting economic empowerment, community education and combating domestic violence.

In three remote villages, tucked into the Indian Himalayan mountains, members of the self-help collective called Himalayan Naari are revitalizing traditional woolen crafts. Through this regeneration of knitting and weaving practices, over 100 Naari artisans are improving their lives and strengthening local communities while creating a sustainable global business.

The women of Naari create beautiful handmade products by combining traditional techniques and natural materials with modern designs. The artisan knowledge that has been passed down from generation to generation is now being shared with the world thanks to Himalayan Naari. Customers receive unique, high quality items inspired by the traditions and aesthetics of the Himalayan landscape.

To learn more about Himalayan Naari, and order products online, check out the amazing work they're doing here:

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