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Integrative care Program

the Program

Our Integrative Care Program provides comprehensive health consultations with our APRN clinician and personally designed treatment, teachings and coaching sessions with our skilled Healing Arts practitioners.

We explore root causes of your symptoms and clarify your intentions for your healing pathway forward. Together we create a richly therapeutic experience and a customized plan of care to activate, nourish, and deeply root you in your innate healing capacities and process.

This program is ideal if you are experiencing chronic illness, chronic pain, PTSD, anxiety, sleep disturbance, and wishing to uplevel all aspects of your healing – body, mind, and soul.

Our Integrative Care Program providers are:

Nadine Hottat, APRN, CNM, SHA Medical Director
Integrative/Functional/Botanical/Mind-Body Medicine practitioner, Cannabis Medicine Clinician 

Sarah Aborn, HHP, SHA Founder 
Massage Therapist, Yoga Instructor, Holistic Health Practitioner utilizing conscious breathing,
energy work, coaching, Emotional Freedom Techniques, and guided meditation.
Lilliana Rivera, LMT
Massage therapist, Holistic Womb Health Coach, focusing on women’s reproductive health and healing. Arvigo Abdominal Therapy Practitioner

Deb Mills
Energy Medicine Practitioner
Biofield Tuning, Full Spectrum healing, Reiki

The Integrative Care Program plan includes two consultations with the APRN clinical director,
and one 90 minute session with each of the Healing Arts Practitioners.

Program fee - $750 in full, or three payments of $250.
For more information, please contact Nadine at or by phone
at 603-957-2801

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